Independent Apps

Count Biki - appstore | source

An iOS app for drilling numbers in Japanese.

Goalie - releases | source | post

A bespoke macOS app for time tracking.

Vinylogue - landing page | appstore | source | post

An iOS app for your last.fm listening history.

Past Companies


I worked on several apps within the Cookpad organization from April 2017 through June 2023. Read my retrospective blog post for more details.

Timehop - appstore

I worked on the Timehop iOS app from April 2013 through August 2015. Read my retrospective blog post for more details.

Klein Tools

Alongside my duties as a quality assurance engineer for electrical test tools, I developed a product catalog iOS app for Klein Tools (which has since been decommissioned).


MVVM Architecture at Timehop - slides

Presented March 6th, 2015 at iOSoho in New York City.


HOPStrings - source

A lightweight Objective-C library for creating NSAttributedStrings.


Photo/Phono - post

An iPhone app that turns your photos into original musical compositions.

TinyKittens TV - source

A tvOS app for streaming live feeds from tinykittens.com. Currently decommissioned due to the source moving streaming services.

Longtail Classic - source

An iPhone app showing the past activity of Facebook Groups.

BrightBus: Champaign-Urbana - landing page

An iPhone app for viewing bus arrival times in Champaign and Urbana, Illinois.

Robert James: On The Road

An iPhone app for clients of Robert James Insurance.

BrightBus: The Ohio State University

An iPhone app for viewing bus arrival times at The Ohio State University.

AppleCart - post | source

A custom online shopping cart for an American Cancer Society fundraiser.