This is my first post on the github servers.

After my back and forth post almost a year ago on where I should host all my web stuff, everything kind of fell into place.

A programming blog doesn’t have much overhead, so when I came across github pages, I realize that this was the perfect solution. Pair it with octopress, and it’s got that hacker feel without having to admin and pay for an entire server or VPS.

And it definitely has that hacker feel to it. What with all the multi-computer, RVM install problems, SSHing, GCC/LLVM, proxy files, domain name servers, email servers, etc., it took bursts of work on this thing over the course of several months to get it off the ground. It’s been a good learning experience though, and with the career path I want to head towards, it’s definitely necessary to keep rolling with this.

I love the simplicity of tumblr sometimes, but I’m glad I’ve got octopress all set up.