It would have been next to impossible to get to the point in my iPhone development that I am today without the humble guidance of small development studio blogs.

Just when my frustration was about to overtake me in an hour search for “how do I get that UIBarButtonItem to display correctly?” I would run across a blog with the answer. A little bit of code and a short explanation was all it took, and I was back on track.

This is why this blog was created. I’ve solved a number of problems big and small in the course of developing a handful of iPhone apps. The majority were worth the frustration, while some were stupid mistakes. I want to get better at writing iOS apps, and also pay forward what I’ve learned from the countless developers out there that took the time to write the post that helped me along.

I’m certainly no expert, and I don’t do this for a living, but I’m still going to put my two cents out there. And hopefully I’ll help a struggling newbie or two along the way.