This is my first Jekyll post. And as such, it seems fitting to cram all these new commands into a cheat sheet post so I can take my time learning them (and I don’t have to search through just a few pages of documentation).

Pushing Changes to the Blog Source

	cd octopress
	git add .
	git commit -m 'modded blog source'
	git push origin source

Creating New Posts

New posts are created it in the source/_posts directory.

	rake new_post["title"]

Adding Categories

Categories are defined in the yaml header.

	# One category
	categories: one

	# Multiple categories
	categories: [one, two, three]

Draft Posts

Add the following to the yaml header.

	published: false


	{% caption_img /images/image_name.jpg Caption for the image %}

Syntax Highlightling

Surround normal code blocks with:

	{% codeblock Title or something (FileName.m) lang:objc %}
		code here
	{% endcodeblock %}

Generate & Preview

	rake generate   # Generates posts and pages into the public directory
	rake watch      # Watches source/ and sass/ for changes and regenerates
	rake preview    # Watches, and mounts a webserver at http://localhost:4000

Generate & Deploy

	rake generate
	rake deploy